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You can now view photos from our 35th Reunion!!

Friday, November 16th, 2012 6:30 -11:30
Kings Mills, Water’s Edge Grand Room
Media, PA - $75.00 Per person

Optional Saturday, Events:

11:00am - High School Tour
2:00pm – Barnaby’s, Aston, PA – Casual gathering

Formal invitations will be mailed out by September 1st

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41st Reunion Committee: Deb Yonker, Joe Duff, John Furniss, Peg Harding Mellen, Mike Rudolph, Mary Anne Ambler Peters, Faith Hayes Casciano, Robin Rosser, Jackie Fleenor Olson, Debi Aldridge Smith, Alice Pearson

NOVEMBER 18th 2006

Our class gathered for a group photograph in the Reception Room of the Mendenhall Inn. Not all attendees were in the room at the time the photo was taken, but it’s easy to pick out some of the gymnastic team in the front row, the athletes with their upright posture and the hippies who can’t seem to line up no matter what. Seriously though, one unique thing about our class was that, in 1967, as school districts merged, we became a melting pot of students from Media, Indian Lane, a number of Catholic Schools and others. Within a short time though, we evolved into one class. Another unique aspect was that we lived through one of the most turbulent and fascinating periods of the 20th century. Like the Roaring 20’s, our era would be hard to describe to a teenager today. By the same token, it will be equally difficult for us to ever forget the power and the uncertainty of the ‘Times That Were a Changin’.

Fun Facts

Our always faithful and adorable class dog's name was 'Binker!'

Have an interesting fun fact from back in our era to share? Please humor us and let us know.
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June 14, 1971

Reunion Committee (l to r): Mike Rudolph; Gary Anderson; Chairperson Deb Yonker; Bob Alyanakian; Alice Pearson. Not present: Betsy Hodges. Also, special thanks to Bill Cannon and John Furniss for all their help and support.

Our 35th Reunion brought together more than 225 of our classmates, spouses and guests to see old friends, make new ones and celebrate our Penncrest experiences.

The theme was Imagine, the 1971 John Lennon song about his vision of how the world could live as one. In keeping with that theme, this Reunion sought out all members of the class, convincing many to put aside any reservations they may have had about attending and to feel good enough to be there. A powerful screen presentation contrasted the highs and lows of many of our lives, further emphasizing the fact that none of us know what is in the future. Then, to bring some of these points home, Imagine was performed live by the Reunion Band....How cool was that!

We were honored to have our Class Sponsors: Mr. Henry Vitullo with his wife Phyllis and Mr. Michael Goldstein with his wife Theresa join us for the evening. What a treat!

By any account, the Reunion was a success. Hundreds of overwhelmingly enthusiastic e-mails have expressed just how much people enjoyed themselves. Even people who did not attend have written about the good reports they have heard. Of all that happened though, you, our classmates, were the “heart and soul” of the Reunion. It was all of you that made the event successful!

Thank you for making our 35th Reunion one of the best. We found out on that special evening that we all have a distinctive bond, one that will always be there through time and circumstance. Imagine that!

Peace and Love,
The Reunion Committee

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